Welcome to the RNR Officers’ Club Liverpool

Patron: Captain Patrick Walker CBE Royal Navy

It is a privilege and honour to welcome you to the RNR Officers’ Club Liverpool, otherwise known as the ‘Sea Urchins’. I hope that you find our web site interesting and informative.

We have a strong and proactive membership, both nationally and internationally, in the region of 130 although we are looking to strengthen our numbers.

I would like to emphasise that we are not just a ‘retired’ organisation and have always welcomed both serving and retired RN, RNR, RM,RMR, WRNS, WRNR, QARNNS and QARNNSR Officers together with non-service members who are actively involved, associated and interested in maritime matters, seagoing or shore side. You can find details on how to become a member on the “Contact” tab.

Frank Hogan
Lieutenant Commander RD RNR