Welcome to the RNR Officers’ Club Liverpool

Patron: Captain Patrick Walker CBE Royal Navy


Welcome to the website of the RNR Officers’ Club Liverpool, affectionately and better known as the ‘Sea Urchins’. We formed in 1921, shortly after the end of WW1, and are, therefore, fast approaching our centenary! I hope that you find our website interesting and informative.

We have a strong and proactive national membership, currently in the region of 125. We are always looking to strengthen our membership and to foster good and reciprocal relations with other like minded naval and nautical organisations.

We welcome both serving and retired RN, RNR, RM, RMR, WRNS, WRNR, QARNNS and QARNNSR Officers together with those from a non-service background who are actively involved, associated and interested in maritime matters, afloat or ashore. You can find details on how to become a member of our club by opening the ‘contact’ link within this site.

I joined the Royal Naval Reserve in October 1970 and remained a member of HMS EAGLET throughout my naval reserve career, retiring in December 2005. It was without doubt a challenging, demanding and an exceptionally rewarding career that was beneficial to my civilian career as an electrical engineer in many ways; working in research and development, particularly in high voltage research both in the Electricity Supply Industry and in Higher Education. My service in the Royal Naval Reserve has engendered life long friendships and a love of, and active interest in (most) things nautical that continues today!

My coming year as President of the Sea Urchins will be an exciting and challenging one as we approach our Centenary, with much planning of activities, a book publication and memorabilia being designed and procured to mark this significant anniversary.


Francis J Hogan RD
Lieutenant Commander RNR