36oN/6oW a Gin for Trafalgar

Our 1921 Reserve Gin has been a great success – of course!

However, the Committee decided to produce a new version – 36oN/6oW – the Lat/Long of the site of the Battle of Trafalgar bearing in mind that the 220th Anniversary is in 2025. This is still a Navy Strength Gin but there is a very subtle difference which we think you will like. Despite the Chancellor increasing the duty, we have maintained our price at £35. (Our 1921 Reserve is still available should you prefer it!)

Tasting Note (from much experience!) We suggest you try just a tot of Gin and a quality unflavoured Tonic straight out of the fridge – no ice or fruit. However, if you prefer something different, try a “Mediterranean” flavoured tonic – works well as does just a slice of lemon or lime. Why not even keep your Gin in the fridge?


In addition, and in time for Christmas, we have produced a Selection Box – this contains 5 x 5cl bottles. Our 1921 Reserve, 36N/6W, Arctic Convoy Vodka and two new 40% gins – President’s Gin and Hold Fast- both of which are different and we have included these after much sampling!! Priced at £22.50.



The Committee wanted to commemorate the Centenary Year with something special and what more special than a bottle of Gin!

This Gin was blended by the Handmade Gin Company on the Wirral in conjunction with ourselves after much tasting!

This refreshing Gin contains botanicals from around the world to reflect our maritime heritage, including Lingonberries, Norwegian Angelica Root, complemented beautifully by Elderflower, Grapefruit, Liquorice and Lemon at 57% ABV.

Please visit the Members Area/Slops to place an order or contact Tony Muncer or John Glover.


Following the success of the Sea Urchins Centenary Gin The Hand Made Gin Company have now produced for us our “Arctic Convoy Vodka” to commemorate “Operation Dervish” ( Convoy Cdre Captain John Dowding RNR on board Llanstephan Castle ) and those who sailed on the very first Arctic Convoy from Liverpool to Archangel via Scapa Flow and Iceland on 12 August 1941.
The convoy comprised 6 merchantmen and 1 oiler plus a total of 14 escorts in relays for the passage ,five of which were Anti Submarine Trawlers of the Royal Naval Patrol Service. The convoy carried 39 crated Hurricanes and 2,700 men including 14 pilots of the 151 Wing of the Royal Air Force.

Priced at £33.



This was held at the National Memorial Arboretum on Saturday 4 September 2021.  There was a good turnout of families and friends to rededicate the Mersey Division tree and plaque which the Club had installed five years ago. The Reverend John Williams was unfortunately taken ill just before the Service, but the Reverend Simon Douglas Lane (son of Lt Cdr Charles Douglas Lane, our President in 1939). Moral of the story – always have a back up Padre! John Williams has recovered we are glad to announce.


        Arboretum Service


On Saturday 25 September, Club members, their families and families of Past Presidents of the RNR Officers’ Club, Liverpool (the Sea Urchins) assembled at Liverpool Parish church, Our Lady and St Nicholas for a service of celebration to commemorate their Centenary.

The service was conducted by the Reverend Dr Crispin Pailing, the Rector of Liverpool, with readings by Commodore Rod Walker ADC RD** RNR and Mrs Pamela Brown MBE SSStJ JP MNM DL and a special rendition of Homeward Bound (Jay and Keen) by Danielle Louise Thomas.

The Club’s President, Lieutenant Commander John Glover RD Royal Naval Reserve, spoke of achievements over the years both in service and to the wider North West Naval family. He said that 1921 was a time for change as were the years surrounding it. There was work to be done in rebuilding the country and getting lives back to normal and this resonated with the world today. He asked the congregation to remember those members who did not return during the conflicts and those who never got the opportunity to become Club members. Unfortunately, we shall never know their names as the records have been lost.

The service was followed by a Reception in the Racquet Club next door to the Church.

The service is available to view on the Church’s YouTube channel.




On Friday 26 November, 100 Members of the Royal Naval Reserve Officers’ Club, Liverpool (commonly known as the Sea Urchins) and guests celebrated their 100th Annual dinner at HMS EAGLET, Liverpool. 100th Dinner Menu

The Guests of Honour were Commodore Phil Waterhouse ADC Royal Navy, the Naval Regional Commander for Northern England and Captain Ian McNaught CVO MNM, the Deputy Master of Trinity House.

Before the dinner, the guests were treated to “Splice the Mainbrace” which meant an issue of rum as a celebratory drink for the Centenary. Guests took their places at dinner while a Sailor’s Hornpipe was played.

The Floristry and Catering Departments of Hugh Baird College provided a Centenary Cake and decorated the dining room with a beautiful floral display and the Port was provided by the Association of Royal Navy Officers.

The Club’s President, Lieutenant Commander John Glover RD Royal Naval Reserve, spoke of the camaraderie of Naval service during World War One, which was the catalyst for creating the Club and how it had grown and lasted for so long. He said that it was a credit to those who have gone before that the Club is still in existence but there are still mountains to climb especially in recruiting new members.

Commander Tom Cunningham and Commander Mike Tomkinson generously presented two ship’s decanters to commemorate the Centenary. These are engraved on the four points of the compass with their names, names of the first and the 100th President, and the Club Crest – see pictures below. These were extremely well received and christened!





100th Dinner Menu



We came across the following website recently: https://www.jackstaxi.net/
It is run by an ex RN Chef who retrained in visual arts. We were very impressed and
commissioned one for the SU, which was presented to the Commanding Officer to
commemorate our Centenary.

The finished product is excellent and the attached photo does not really do it justice. It is
9 x 7 inches framed and the cost is only £14.99 + £4 P&P. If you click on “Art Galleries”
and enter RNR in the search box and it comes up