A School’s Pack, Teacher’s Lesson Plan and Power Point has being developed aimed primarily at Year 5 or 6 but would also be applicable to Year 7.

The Pack takes two hours to complete with further Projects as necessary.

The Subject is “Communication” and this is part of our Heritage Lottery project.

The Pupil Booklet is available to download HERE and the Lesson Plan and Power Point Presentation are available on request by emailing seaurchins2021@gmail.com. This is done to keep the answers secret (!) and to see how many schools use the pack. Names of schools will only be used for this purpose and not divulged to any other party.

With grateful thanks for the original idea from the Institute of Engineering Technology and Hawthorns Primary School, Worthing and for additional material to Naomi Smalls, Tushingham-with-Grindley CE Primary School, Cheshire and Lieutenant Commander John Glover RD RNR.