Upcoming Events in 2021

Further to our agreement to make our monthly lunch available to Mersey Mariners, we will publish their events once notified  for the convenience of Sea Urchin members. Some SU are also members of LNRS, MMG etc so you should be able to find a host for the ‘and invited guest only’ functions.

Lunches are held in the Wardroom Mess, HMS Eaglet on the second Wednesday of each month.


Lunches will recommence as soon as possible.

Saturday 25 September – Celebration Service at St Nicks 1100 followed by a Reception at the Racquet Club Hotel.

The 100th Annual Dinner – Friday 26 November 2021 Guest of Honour to be advised.


For Information:

The Club has produced “A Guide to Wardroom Mess Dinners” which is available to view by clicking here.