Battle of the Atlantic Commemoration Dinner 2017

This was the first Battle of the Atlantic Commemoration Dinner at HMS EAGLET since the 70th Anniversary in 2013.

The Committee felt it was the right and proper thing to do to resurrect this event and Vice Admiral Mike Gretton gave a speech about parts of the event including the roles played by his father and that of our Patron, Captain Patrick Walker’s grandfather.

The Club was presented with a Pusser’s Rum Decanter from the owner of the company who had been with Admiral Gretton the previous week.

Admiral Gretton also made mention of the project to create a lasting BOA memorial at the waterfront in Liverpool and we wait for further information on this (and no doubt a request for funding!)

Ms Janet Dugdale, Director of the Mersey Maritime Museum also spoke of the involvement and support of the MMM in the memorial.

Any member who feels they would like to become involved in the project should contact Mike Gretton or Patrick Walker direct.

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BOA Dinner2017.2

The Mess tables laid up for Dinner.

BOA Dinner 2017  Vice Admiral Mike Gretton001  Pussers Rum Decanter

Pusser’s Rum Decanter presented

to the Club


From L to R: Captain Patrick Walker, Mrs Maureen Beard,

Lt Cdr Brian Williams (President), Ms Janet Dugdale,

Vice Admiral Mike Gretton