SEA URCHINS 100 (1921 – 2021)

The Club will celebrate its 100th year in 2021 and a Committee has been formed to prepare for this.

We submitted a bid for funds to the National Lottery Heritage Fund to help us celebrate our Centenary in 2021 and in particular to research and publish a book about the Club and our Past Presidents as well as engaging people in the maritime heritage of Liverpool and Naval cultural traditions.
I am very pleased to announce that we have just heard from the NLHF that our submission was successful and we can now proceed with the project. We are most grateful to them and to the people and organisations that supported the submission.
Now the hard work starts!


A number of Past Presidents have asked for a Template/Example of what should be included in their own biographies for the Book. Attached is a very much first draft for Commander E C Roden RD RNR, President 1926. The book will be properly designed and formatted, not just a collection of Word documents.

We are trying to make the book readable and interesting rather than just giving dates of promotions etc. and creating a balance between Naval and Civilian careers. Anecdotal dits are very welcome as are photos.

We did think that a page per President would work but as you can see, this has gone to a page and a half! We regret to say that research on a few Presidents has been sparse and may only run to half a page.

This is not just aimed at Past Presidents but also at all members as once the book is finished and on the website with all our research material, we have said that we will ask all our members to contribute as well, so that we have a continuing tale of Sea Urchin’s maritime heritage. This will also go onto our website.

There is, of course, a need for some pressure for Presidents as the timeline for the book is fairly tight. Can we ask that you submit your Bio by 30 April so that we can discuss with you prior to a final version.

All other Members please by the end of the year. No pressure there.

LATEST: biographies have been written up to 1990 plus some others in later years. The work is going well!

Draft Example of book page – Cdr Roden


We are working on a Service at St Nicholas’ Church to celebrate the Centenary to be held in May 2021 followed by a Reception. Details will be promulgated when finalised.


A number of items have already been made and/or purchased and others in the pipeline. A brochure will be available late October/early November giving details of these.



Please see attached letter to various organisations requesting information about our Past Presidents.

PR Release