Without a break, there has been an Annual Dinner every year – WW2 could not stop us!

Guests of Honour

1923       Vice Admiral Sir Morgan Singer KCB KCVO
1924       Vice Admiral Sir Hugh Tothill KCB KCMG KCVO
1925       Admiral Sir Hugh Tothill KCB KCMG KCVO
1926       Admiral Sir Lewis Clinton Baker KCVO CBE
1928       Vice Admiral A A M Duff CB
1930       Vice Admiral Sir John D Kelly KCB
1931       Admiral Sir John Kelly KCB
1933       Vice Admiral H W Parker CB CMG

1935       Captain E W H Blake RN

1955       Vice Admiral J W Cuthbert CB CBE

1970       Vice Admiral Sir Richard Janvrin KCB DSC

1973       Commodore J G Young CBE DSC VRD RNR

1976       Rear Admiral H W E Hollins CB
1977       Vice Admiral J M Forbes KCB
1978       Rear Admiral J M Cox
1979       Vice Admiral Sir Peter Berger KCB LVO DSC
1980       Rear Admiral K H G Willis BA
1981       Admiral Sir James Eberle GCB ADC
1982       Captain N J Barker CBE RN
1983       Admiral Sir Desmond Cassidi  GCB ADC
1984      Admiral of the Fleet Sir Henry Leach GCB
1985       Vice Admiral R W F Gerken CBE
1986       Vice Admiral R R Squires
1987       Vice Admiral Sir James Kennon KCB CBE
1988       Rear Admiral P F Grenier
1989       Vice Admiral Sir John Webster KCB
1990       Admiral Sir Julian Oswald GCB ADC
1991       Admiral Sir Jeremy Black GBE KCB DSO ADC
1992       Vice Admiral Sir Roy Newman KCB
1993       Admiral Sir John Kerr GCB DL
1994       Vice Admiral C Morgan
1995       Admiral Sir Michael Boyce KCB OBE ADC
1996       Vice Admiral Sir Jonathan Tod KCB CBE
1997       Rear Admiral J Band BA
1998       Vice Admiral J J Blackham BA
1999       Rear Admiral R P Stevens
2000       Rear Admiral D J Anthony MBE
2001       Commodore J E V Madgwick OBE RN
2002       Captain P J Walker RN
2003       Rear Admiral N H L Harris MBE
2004       Admiral Sir John Kerr GCB DL
2005       Councillor Alan Dean The Lord Mayor of Liverpool
2006       Rear Admiral P I Wilcocks DSC
2007       Dame Lorna Muirhead DBE
2008       Admiral Sir John Kerr GCB DL
2009       Commodore D J R Dickens OBE RN
2010       Vice Admiral Sir Paul Boissier CB
2011       Vice Admiral P Lambert CB
2012       Rear Admiral P D Hudson CBE
2013       Rear Admiral I M Jess
2014       Admiral Sir John Kerr GCB FRIN DL
2015       Commodore M J Atherton OBE RN
2016       Vice Admiral Sir Adrian Johns KCB CBE KStJ ADC DL
2017       Commodore M E Quinn ADC BA(Hons), MA, FCIS, FIoD RNR
2018       Commodore P Branscombe CBE RN
2019       Vice Admiral Sir Clive Johnstone KBE CB
2020       No GoH due to Covid, however a dinner was held
2021       Commodore Phil Waterhouse ADC RN
2022       Commander Simon Cox OBE RN
2023        Rear Admiral Steve Dainton CBE