Ushakov Medal awarded to two members

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We are very pleased to advise of the following award to two of our members who served on the Artic Convoys during the Second World War.
Sub Lieutenant (A) Jack Thomas RNVR and Lieutenant Commander Jared Whetnall RD RNR were presented with the Ushakov Medal at home and in person by an Under Secretary of the Federation of Russia Embassy. The medal is a state decoration of the Russian Federation that was retained from the awards system of the USSR post 1991.

Admiral Fyodor Ushakov 1745 – 1817 was the most illustrious Russian Naval Commander and Admiral of the 18th Century. He fought 43 engagements without losing a single ship or battle. A contemporary of Nelson whom neither had much time for each other!

Our congratulations to Jack and Jared.

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